Hello there! My name is Cami (aka oceanianow) and this is my blog about Nancy Drew. Enjoy ;)
OMG!!!!You are awesome! That is so cool!!! The words could work for Jessalyn or Harper! I love Bastilles lyrics, what's your favourite Bastille song? Love your edits!!!

Yeah I was trying to figure out who best represented those lyrics, but really it’s a toss-up! Oh dear, my favorite Bastille song? I’m going to go with Weight of Living Pt 2. (Although I first fell in love with Pompeii). What’s your anon? Maybe I can make an edit with lyrics from your fave :D (And thank you btw!)

YOUR BASTILLE KATExCARSON EDIT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I love bastille and nd u should totally do more I love it!

Aww, thank you so much! I will definitely make more then! Maybe I’ll work on one now… ;)

Post 10 things about yourself and pass it on to your ten favorite blogs! :)

Aw, thanks! I also got one from youcanfindmoreeggsthanthat so I’m going to just do this once (Thanks to both you! It means a lot!)

1. I love reading, especially mysteries.

2. I’m super obsessed with the following (but not limited to): Harry Potter, Sherlock, Bastille, Nancy Drew games, Merlin, Bones, The Beatles, audio books (mainly Agatha Christie), The Chronicles of Narnia, and counting down the days until summer.

3. I’m helping my brother write a book.

4. Currently trying not to eat a bunch of Easter candy.

5. I have hot pink Nike’s that are fabulous.

6. I love to shop at Target.

7. It’s supposed to get to 98 degrees this week and that makes me really sad.

8. I’m going to a cabin for vacation after school gets out for summer and I’m really excited!

9. Now currently munching on an apple.

10. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and we’re throwing her a surprise party!!