Hello there! My name is Cami (aka oceanianow) and this is my blog about Nancy Drew. Enjoy ;)
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Can you recommend any hidden object games that Nancy Drew fans might enjoy? Preferably not too scary, lol



to be honest my taste in HOG is pretty scary - nothing much scarier than you’d see in SAW or GTH, but fairly spooky, so if you really don’t like that sort of thing I may be the wrong person to ask. ^^

However, that having been said my favourites are:

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy - literally my favourite game of all time. A little spooky, but the graphics/music/sound design/voiceover are just spot on, and the storyline is compelling. There are two other games in this series but this one is the best, I think. If you have a phobia of hospitals I’d recommend skipping this one though.

Mystery Case Files: The 13th Skull - of all the MCF games this one feels closest to ND. It has the most character interaction of any MCF game, you get to question suspects and do chores for them (sigh). The graphics are fucking gorgeous and the story is really fun. ^^

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove - my personal favourite MCF. It’s not too scary, but it has a creepy, isolated atmosphere. If you like winter games this is the one for you.

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenheart - first casual game I ever played! This one is spooky again, but no more so than GTH. Music and graphics are beautiful. (this game is the middle part of a trilogy arc but the first (Ravenhearst) is straight HOG with no adventure gameplay; and the third (Escape from Ravenhearst) is the most fun when you’ve already played Return, plus it’s kind of… extreme. It’s probably the creepiest HOG out there, with some disturbing and downright disgusting scenes. and I love it, but given your criteria… approach Escape with caution)

Phantasmat: kind of spooky again, but really compelling and beautiful to look at.

Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle - this one is slap bang in the middle of a series but I think it’s the best one, plus you don’t really need to have played any of the other games to get it. It’s whimsical, adventurous, and really really fucking weird ^^

The Dana Knightstone Novels - idk how many there are in the series now but these are lighthearted romance-themed adventures that kind of seem like The Adventures of Charleena Purcell. Start with Death and Fairing Point, though it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t. :3

Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can - I’ve only played the demo of this, but it’s a fun detective story with fantasy elements. Frequent references to murder.

Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart - don’t be fooled by the nighttime setting and mystical theme, this game is really sweet and oddly uplifting. It also has a beautiful, dreamy score and bright graphics. Main downside is the main characters voice being a little annoying, but I believe there’s the option to mute her. Overall it’s insanely whimsical and pretty quirky.(There’s a sequel, The Blacksmith’s Daughter, but I do recommend playing Severed Heart first - mainly because Blacksmith’s Daughter takes the whimsical weirdness up to eleven and Severed Heart helps you ease into it)

Hope that helps a little! xxx

There are some Agatha Christie HOG which are pretty fun and not scary at all. Plus they are really quite accurate to the books! There’s Dead Man’s Folly, Peril at End Street, and Death on the Nile.