Hello there! My name is Cami (aka oceanianow) and this is my blog about Nancy Drew. Enjoy ;)

So we couldn’t take any pictures of the few Nancy Drew references we saw, but Allison  (hurricanesonny ) and I had such a fun time hanging out today. We wanted to go to this museum, but apparently it’s lame (the receptionist basically talked us out of going [it was all about baseball?]). So we went o this little art exhibit around the corner (no photography allowed).  Anyway, maybe next time we hang out we can take some pics :)

So Marissa tagged me in the six selfie challenge. So hear ya go! (Two are with my sister and one with my mom)

I’m tagging whoever wants to do this! And these peeps hurricanesonny differencedetective drivingnancycrazy naancypants turkeynugg