Hello there! My name is Cami (aka oceanianow) and this is my blog about Nancy Drew. Enjoy ;)
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Favorite quote from a ND character?



  • "It’s not logical, George. It’s REVENGE!!" - Bess Marvin, TRT
  • "It’s about time! Oh, my fears are like maggots infesting my poor old carcass! Want a cookie? They’re from Oaxaca." - Taylor Sinclair, SSH
  • "Talking to the non-Joy entity is an unnecessary drain on my power unit and is heretofore disallowed." - Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine, CAR
  • "Oh, alrightee. Well, you know we’re the Mae West round here ‘specially for a Jim, and don’t worry if you haven’t got an Oscar ‘cause the cheese will pay for everything. But feel free to ring us, even for a bowler." "Yes, we’ll go bowling sometime. Thank you." -Tommy Tucker & Nancy Drew, CUR
  • "Oh ish kabibble." - George Fayne, CLK
  • "Of course it tastes bad, Clarence. It’s a pine cone! I better go rinse out his mouth before — oh, would you look at that? He’s actually chewing it. You’re not a squirrel, Clarence! Spit that out this instant!" - Mrs. O’Shea, CLK
  • "I’m writing my next book. I’m on a deadline, so until I write those two most wonderful of all three-letter words — ‘the end’ — everywhere I go, my laptop goes, and every chance I get, I write." - Charleena Purcell, TRN
  • "Stuff. I want… stuff. New stuff that’s just like this old stuff, only… different." - Minette, DAN
  • "Oui. It contains an American short film. I am not sure if it is about a beloved beast of burden in Tibet, or about someone who talks a lot, but it has won many awards." - Monsieur Merchand, DAN
  • "That man is an egomaniacal lunatic. I wouldn’t hire that whackjob to wash test tubes." - Quigley Kim, CRE
  • "The guy I bought this place from wouldn’t sell it to me unless I swore I wouldn’t change the name. So I didn’t. Funny thing was, his name wasn’t Zeke, either." - Lamont Warrick, CRY
  • "You don’t want to know where the cheapest cafés are? Are you sure you’re American?" - Helena Berg, VEN
  • "Enough, Margherita. I insist you drop this silly ruse right now. And whatever have you done with that wonderful Italian accent of yours? I daresay it was your most charming feature. Now you sound like a common American teenager." - Prudence Rutherford, VEN
  • "Olley olley oxen free!" - Paige Griffin, WAC
  • "Dude. I sure hope you don’t intend to go into politics, ‘cause you’d stink at it." - Izzy Romero, WAC
  • "Cheese? Is this a code? If you’re in danger, blink twice." - Debbie Kircum, TOT
  • ""Other than the fact he can be ornier than a never-ridden bull in a buckin’ chute, ‘n can holler longer ‘n louder ‘n all the football coaches in Oklahoma put together? I like him fine." - Chase Releford, TOT
  • "Come to think of it, it doesn’t do much. Get a job phone charm! It probably won’t." - Yumi Shimizu, SAW
  • "Well, some people think this place is haunted. Kind of like some people think the moon landing was faked, and some people like Adult Contemporary. Don’t be one of those people." - Rentaro Aihara, SAW
  • "Glass is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I like it even better when it’s part of a TV, or a light bulb." - Anja Mittelmeier, CAP
  • "We have a huge monster problem here. Literally - and also figuratively. The monster is huge and it is also huge problem. I need your help." - Karl Weschler, CAP
  • "Nancy. Business is built on metaphors, fast talking, and self aggrandizing anecdotes: like the time the Prime Minister told me that my yacht was fantastic." - Markus Boehm, CAP
  • "Oh, did you hear that, vase? She’s sorry that you made the long trek from China to Europe where you survived two world wars and countless natural disasters only to be unceremoniously kicked to death by some space cadet for no reason. Not that that matters now that you are dead!" - Alexei Markovic, ASH
  • "That’s it? No follow up? What is this ‘Good Cop, No Other Cop?" - Deirdre Shannon, ASH
  • "Is the world ending? If the world is not ending, whatever you’ve got to say can wait." - Chief McGinnis, ASH
  • "It’s complicated, and boring. Boring and complicated - you’d be bored hearing about the more complicated aspects of it." - Dylan Carter, TMB
  • "I know that when life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade. But when there’s no water, you’re back to just having lemons." - Nancy Drew, TMB
  • "Aha. Now I remember you. If life were a good book, you’d be my favorite reoccurring character." - Beatrice Hotchkiss, TMB
  • "Attached? I less than three them. They’re small and surgary and sometimes a girl gets a little lonely surrounded by all these scientists. Plus they’re fun. You can act out little scenes with them and then eat them! Sweet tragic delicious betrayal. They never see it coming the dopes." - Ryan Kilpatrick, DED
  • "I’d never do something that hilarious and definitly deserved. Never. Not ever." - Mason Quinto, DED
  • "Yes. There’s this thing called tape. It’s sticky. You’ll like it. It lives in a little house that looks like an upside down comma with tiny little teeth." - Deirdre Shannon, DED
  • "A clue! No wait. That’s just a sink." - Nancy Drew, DED
  • "Use your inside of a crypt voice." - Harper Thornton, GTH
  • "That poem is confusing." "All the good ones are." "I prefer haiku. Easier to understand." "I see what you did." - Ned Nickerson & Nancy Drew, SPY
  • "Nancy! Oh my gosh you scared me! Oh my gosh my heart’s not beating! I’m not kidding! I can’t feel my pulse! Oh wait. There it is." - Eda Brooks, LCC
  • "Well, well, look at this. She mans phones, she defuses bombs — your talents seem to endless." - Cassidy Jones, RED

This is pretty epic.

Favorite actor(s)? Favorite actress(es)? Favorite movie(s)? Favorite TV show(s)?

Okay, here goes nothing. Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, David Tennant, and Colin O’Donoghue.

Actresses: Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Katie McGrath and Emma Watson.

Movies: So many. Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series (so far), Clue, The Princess Bride, EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE, Despicable Me and others.

TV shows: Sherlock, Merlin, OUAT, Rugrats, Bones, Poirot/Marple, and Shark Tank come to mind first.

Thanks for all the questions Andrew :)

What is your favorite food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert respectively?

Breakfast: I love eggs and hashbrowns. Also my mom makes really yummy German pancakes.

Lunch: Hmm. A favorite lunch? I’m going to go with a chicken salad from Costa Vida.

Dinner: Roast with mashed potatoes.

Snack: Red bell peppers and ranch.

Dessert: Ice-cream!