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favourite nancy drew ships: lizzie applegate and diego valdez

According to legend, the infamous masked bandit, El Diablo, fell madly in love with Lizzie Applegate during her years as an entertainer at gold mining camps. At the end of Lizzie’s performance, El Diablo would ride his jet black steed up to the stage and leave her a bouquet of gardenias. It was rumored that Lizzie joined El Diablo’s band of thieves and was present at the Christmas Gold Robbery of 1878.

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When Bess questions Dr. Buford about Bruno’s death, he says that Renee could have used hoodoo on him, as he was an old and vulnerable man. However, we learn from Nancy talking to Renee that she herself heard a voice saying one word over and over again (which she translated to hoodoo signs and painted on her wall). By using the book, Nancy is able to get the eye from the dummy, which is necessary to get the crystal skull in the end. So it’s pretty clear that the voice was in fact Bruno Bolet. I think it’s pretty interesting that we’re supposed to think Renee used voodoo on Bruno, but in reality he used her belief in hoodoo to help ensure the skull would be found.